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SSM has been making steel louvers for over 30 years. During the last 12 years we have begun mass producing high quality manufactured louvers.

We offer a range of louvers to suit most applications. SSM design team talks to our clients and develops the best louver system for each application.

All of our louvers are available in galvanized steel, polyester powder coated steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and brass.

Street level Curtain Wall louvers

SSM has created a new street level curtain wall system in response to client request.

We were asked by both Traynor O'Toole Architects and JV Tierney Mechanical Consultants to develop a long lasting, hard wearing steel louver system for street level that would look continuous, provide access doors for plant maintenance, and above all, withstand a large amount of malicious damage and attempted vandalism.

This is just one example of SSM's dedication to meeting our client's needs by thinking out of the box and providing unique, high quality products.

Removable Core Louver

We found that a number of our clients were requesting a louver that needed access to the rear of the louver for plant maintenance behind the louver. An expensive way of doing this is to build a louver door.

SSM designed and built a removable core weather louver that allows the client to remove the centre of the grille by taking out four allan key screws and not disturbing the outer fixed frame. This allows for easy access to plant at an affordable price.

Penthouse Louver

Seven years ago SSM was asked by RTE to come up with a proposal for a penthouse louver to be installed at ground level in an area with many pedestrians.

The position of this penthouse on campus was highly visible (between the RTE Radio centre, TV centre, canteen and administration building) and situated in the centre of the green field recreational area.

Our design criteria were to build a very low-lying penthouse louver to fit in aesthetically with the local buildings whilst giving large free areas, with very low pressure drops, across the louvers.

After much consultation with RTE, we developed a design with an independent structure with access louvers that was fully weathered. We have now replicated these penthouse louvers throughout the RTE campus.

We have further developed our penthouse louver for other clients and have now incorporated a small planting trough system for roof garden applications.

General louvers

SSM has four different styles of standard louver.

One of these designs will suit most applications and can be manufactured from most metals and powder coated if necessary.