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Insulated Panel Ductwork

SSM is an Irish agent for the worldwide company P3ductal, who themselves are high level specialists in the air distribution field.

The P3ductal pre-insulated aluminium ducts are obtained from panels made with closed cell polyurethanic foam covered by an external aluminium foil on both sides. The aluminium guarantees sturdiness and withstands corrosion in the long term.

The closed cell insulating material

  • is a perfect thermal insulator
  • is hygienic
  • does not absorb humidity
  • minimises vibration and reverberation

P3ductal is guaranteed airtight by the sealed longitudinal seam and by the invisible transversal joints which replace the traditional mechanical connections. This means smaller fans and lower working costs.

All necessary modifications to the ductwork can be performed on site. The weight of one sqm P3ductal duct is less than 1 kg against over than 10kg weight of a sheet metal duct.

Working with P3ductal fire-rated ductwork ensures that Sweeney Sheet Metal can guarantee complete safety.