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SSM manufactured grilles in the 1970s and 1980s but found that the cost efficiency of manufacturing standard, off-the-shelf grilles in Ireland was not viable.

After serious investment in machines and technology, SSM started to look at the alternatives to the imports.

SSM now specialize in design, manufacture and installations on grilles that have a heavy leaning towards quality and design aesthetics.

Fixed Blade Grilles

SSM manufactures and supplies single / two-way / three-way / four-way fixed blade grilles for a number of different applications.

Notably our fixed blade grilles are installed in pharmaceutical and production plants throughout Ireland.

Our cost efficient methods of producing stainless steel grilles for clean rooms / areas that are easily cleanable and durable has allowed us to become a supplier of these fixed blade grilles. Each grille is individually designed and made to order for some of Ireland's leading companies including Coca Cola, Becton Dickinson, Abbots, Intel, and many more.

Prison Grilles

SSM has been designing and manufacturing grilles for the Irish Prison Service for over fifteen years.

The grilles tend to be high spec ant ligature grilles with hidden fixing systems.

We have developed many different types of grilles from non-vision to perforated plate types. These grilles are generally supplied with the grille box and fixing plates with fire block options.

Our grilles are visible in most Irish prisons, including Mountjoy, Wheatfield, St. Patrick’s Institution, Portlaois Prison, Castlerea Prison, Dundrum Mental Hospital.